Keywords, Meta Keywords and Website Content

Recently we were asked about the relevance of keywords and how or if they still affected page rank?

The answer is, yes they do, although things have changed with the way they should be used since the early days of the internet. To help in trying to clear things up the information below might be of use if you are confused about the use of keywords.

Meta Keywords

In most of the major search engines such as, google, bing, yahoo, the meta keywords tag is irrelevant and will simply be skipped when a search engine spider comes along to index your website. However this does not mean meta keywords are of no use.

There are still some lesser known search engines that take notice of the meta keywords tag, in particular Active Search Results Search Engine (ASR).

So the meta keywords tag is still very much alive, just not used by any of the major players. And the lesser known search engines affect page rank just as much as the well known one’s.

So Meta Keywords should not be underestimated, they might have become useless in the major search engines, but they still carry just as much weight when ranking your website.

Keywords in Content

Keywords in content are extremely important for your website page rank. They can be added into Text, Alt Tags, Title Tags, Page Titles, and Link Titles. But use of these has to be relevant to your website and make sense to the viewer. Too many and the major search engines will start to penalize your website. They should be used sparingly, efficiently and with relevance for this reason as the last thing you need is your website dropping its page rank or even worse being deleted from a search engine index.

Careful research must be carried out before using keywords either for the Meta Keywords Tag or for Keywords in content. There are tools such as Google’s Keyword Research tool that enable you to look at search terms and how they might affect your website.

Tools such as this give you some idea of how a search term will affect page rank and this can give you an idea of how you can market yourself better on the web.

To sum up

Keywords in both meta tags and page content are as important as they always have been. Both methods used together and in the correct way can be very powerful for your website.

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