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Ecommerce is something many business people struggle to fully understand, but it has no need to be that way if you are thinking about making the leap and selling your products through your own website.

Your website is your shop front on the World Wide Web so the most important thing is that your business looks good and attracts customers to buy. Also your website needs to have the full functionality for customers to pay through a payment provider such as Paypal, Worldpay, Nochex, Secure Trading etc. Some of these services require Secure Socket Layers (SSL), others require a link to a secure area of the payment provider website.

Of course your website cannot be expected to sit and wait for customers. It works like a shop on the high street, somehow you have to attract customers in. On the high street you may see shops advertising with boards, posters or sale signs. It works in a similar manner on the web and the same principle applies. You have to go and get your customers to walk through your door or as on the web get them to come onto your website which requires a certain amount of skill and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to do this.

Also your products will not sell themselves so you need to advertise them elsewhere with links to your products from other websites that allow you to advertise. You can do this through Google Merchant Center, Yahoo Product Search, Bing Shopping, The Find etc, all of which are shopping search engines and allow you to submit product feeds. You can set all of these up to be submitted as often as you like on a Cron Job as well which means your products are constantly being listed. These websites drive traffic across to your website where they can buy your products.

Page titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords should all be set up for your products and Alt Tags containing keywords applied to images throughout your website. That way you are increasing the chances of making more sales.

You can also advertise your products through Facebook which also allow you to setup a page customised to the style of your business. Facebook also have plenty of Apps, some of which increase your marketing potential. Also you can can set up a separate shop specifically for Facebook users through Facebook. And if you link Facebook to Twitter, You Tube, Myspace etc you are able to advertise your products or website in one click.

The way to see it is the more links to your website, the better. So providing a website owner allows you to post a link on their website to your website and it is a legitimate and good source to drive traffic across to yours then you should be submitting to them.

These are just a few ideas which will help sell your products online.

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