Branding your business on the web

There’s alot more to it than a nice logo and a catchy slogan.

Understanding what people are saying about your website and brand on the web

It is important that you understand exactly what people are saying about your brand through social media so you need to interact in conversation with your customers and new potential customers. Of course your brand needs to look good, but understanding how people react to your brand, services and products can help your brand evolve over time and ensure you are ahead of the game.

Your personal brand and your business brand

You may have a huge amount of followers on twitter and goodness knows how many friends on your facebook account, but that won’t matter to your customers. What matters is how you service your customers and how professional your services come across to them. They really won’t care how many friends you have on facebook, what they care about is what you are supplying to them and how you come across to them through your brand.

Keep your About Us page simple and straight to the point

Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website since this is the first page that people will click on to find out more information on your business or brand. Too much text on your About Us page can be a complete turn off for new customers coming onto your website so consider using bullet points, links to other areas of your website and if you must use text keep it very minimal and straight to the point.

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