© Copyright of the Venture Website Solutions logo belongs to Venture Website Solutions and Nick Smith (The Author) – All Rights Reserved. 

The Venture Website Solutions Logo, variations of the logo in different colours, variations of the name and website created by Nick Smith of Venture Website Solutions on December 12th 2010 are subject to copyright and cannot be used by any other person, organisation, business, company, anything or anybody else other than for the purpose for which they are created.


The purpose of the logo is to provide an identity for Venture Website Solutions.


The purpose of the name is to provide a name for Venture Website Solutions.


The purpose of the website is to provide general information, product information and e-commerce facilities. Any content on the Venture Website Solutions website is subject to © copyright all rights reserved and must not be duplicated in any form unless permission is granted by the author, Nick Smith of Venture Website Solutions.


The Venture Website Solutions logo, website content, and name can be used and distributed for marketing and to provide awareness of and for Venture Website Solutions, however this can only be done with the permission of the owner, designer and author, Nick Smith who owns the business, Venture Website Solutions.

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